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(Very nice) Interactive visualization from NY Times

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Today George Siemens shared an interesting link in the Learning Analytics Google Group. He argues that

interactive visualization can help increase end-user interest in data exploration

If you have a look at what the designers at NY Times have created, you’ll be very impressed by the way the let you interact with the data. The used metaphor is very clear and it continuously incorporates new data. The available filters let you easily find a question that YOU are interested in, rather than the question(s) that the visual designers did want to answer. On the other hand, it is not so easily aware how many percent of the answers are in which area on the chart. Also, it is not clear how they decided which feeling would be “good”, “bad” or “neutral”. However, this kind of interactive visualization would be a very interesting type of awareness and exploration support for all stakeholders involved in Learning Analytics.

Author: Wolfgang Reinhardt

I'm a continuous learner in the fields of Technology Enhanced Learning, Science 2.0, Social Networking and e-Business. I'm a Social Media addict, CEO of a consulting and development company and father of two boys. I received a PhD from OUNL for my thesis "Awareness Support for Knowledge Workers in Research Networks". I'm currently working as Senior IT Project Manager in the field of e-business and e-procurement. I'm asking myself many questions why things are like they are and seek for answers.

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  1. Thats pretty cool and I’m happy that it’s not just another pointles Infographic.

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