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60-second adventures in tought


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I stumbled upon this great video today, produced by The Open University. The topics covered in the 6:40 minutes video are:

  • Achilles and the tortoise
  • The grandfather paradox
  • The Chinese room
  • Hilbert’s infinite hotel
  • The twin paradox
  • Schrödingers Cat

There is more similar content on the Free learning website from The Open University.

Author: Wolfgang Reinhardt

I'm a continuous learner in the fields of Technology Enhanced Learning, Science 2.0, Social Networking and e-Business. I'm a Social Media addict, CEO of a consulting and development company and father of two boys. I received a PhD from OUNL for my thesis "Awareness Support for Knowledge Workers in Research Networks". I'm currently working as Senior IT Project Manager in the field of e-business and e-procurement. I'm asking myself many questions why things are like they are and seek for answers.

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