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by Wolfgang Reinhardt

Knowledge Worker Roles and Actions

Tweet   Back in 2010 we asked for participation in an online questionnaire that tried to find out the existence of distinguishable roles of knowledge workers and the particular knowledge actions they perform. Today — after a long to-ing and … Continue reading

by Wolfgang Reinhardt
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Knowledge Worker Roles Study – Call for participation

TweetTogether with my colleague Benedikt Schmidt from TU Darmstadt I am conducting the Knowledge Worker Roles Study in the context of my Ph.D. studies. In the focus of the study are knowledge workers, the multiple roles they take on during … Continue reading

by Wolfgang Reinhardt
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Information Overload by Social Network? Not new!

Tweet Thanks to a tweet by George Siemens I came across Tim Kastelle’s Blog today. Besides a general recommendation forhis blog, I’d like to point out some posts explicitly that where very inspiring. The post Networks and the Information Glut discusses how “new” … Continue reading

by Wolfgang Reinhardt

[publication] Support Durable Knowledge Sharing in Software Engineering by Microblogging

TweetI recently presented my paper “Communication is the key. Support Durable Knowledge Sharing in Software Engineering by Microblogging” at the SENSE 2009 workshop in Kaiserslautern. Abstract: Communication is undoubtedly one of the key elements of successful software development. Especially in … Continue reading